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How Small Businesses Can Secure Their Payroll and Check Printing

The financial industry faces a constant threat from criminals. Large and small businesses alike can fall victim to check fraud. In order to safeguard funds, businesses must make sure that they using sensible methods when printing checks.Many businesses print their own checks because it saves time and money. A company can print payroll checks for employees and payment checks for suppliers. While self-printing can save money, it can also increase the chances of fraud. Payroll check security can be achieved by following a few simple guidelines:1. Always use the correct equipment. In order to maintain the integrity of payroll checks, you should use MICR technology. Use a MICR printer with MICR toner to print checks. This makes the checks easier for the bank to process and more difficult for criminals to duplicate.2. Only print on blank check stock. Using pre-printed check stock makes it easy for criminals to steal checks and then simply fill in the blanks.3. Use blank check stock with security features. Built-in security features make it impossible to duplicate checks. Check paper should contain one or more of the following security features: copy void pantograph, micro printed border, watermark seal, or chemically reactive paper.4. Only allow a small number of people access to check printing utilities. In order to prevent check fraud, always make sure that you know who has access to checks. Keep check-printing equipment locked in a secure area. Do not leave blank check stock or software exposed in plain sight.5. Always shred documents that contain personal or company account information. Criminals have been known to rummage through trash bins to find the information they need to commit identity theft and check fraud.Always remember that money is a great motivator. People can be driven to lie, cheat, and steal if their need for money is great enough. For the safety of your personal and business finances, never provide unnecessary temptations. By following the rules above, you can decrease your chances of becoming a victim of check fraud.